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Semi Permanent Makeup Correction

Colour correction or removal procedures

Have you ever suffered for years not knowing that previous Semi Permanent Makeup that you have had and are not happy with can now be removed. i.e; Brows in the wrong place or the wrong colour for you.

Common Problems:
  • Orange, Salmon, Blue, Grey or Purple - Brows, Lips & Eyeliner
Orange eyebrows are common in the UK, this is because the pigments used were a manufacture fault amongst many of the UK pigments. This fault found the colours which were mixed to form the brow colour faded fast and the orange base of the colour remained strong in the skin, this is now correctable.

The colour can be corrected within weeks, but you would need top ups to maintain colour.
Removal could also be used, which could take months, however, the benefit would be that you can start over again.
  • The right colour with no colour changes
  • The right shape using a measuring tool

A consultation would be required to discuss these options further to see what is suitable for your individual needs.
Please see contact page.

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